Benefits Of Having A Property Manager

Many people who decide to become landlords do so because we see it as a great way to earn income without having to “work.” But have you thought about how much work goes into property management?

First, you have to find a tenant to occupy it. This involves placing dozens of ads and sifting through all the candidates.

Next, you’ll have to worry about collecting rent every month. This might involve driving around to each of the properties on the same day of the month or even dealing with late payments. Then, you’ll have to deposit the checks and make detailed bookkeeping notes to make sure your taxes stay on the up-and-up.

Periodically, you need to inspect your properties inside and out to make sure your tenants are keeping it in good condition. If the inspection is prior to a move-in or after a move-out, you need to take note of the home’s condition and resolve any disputes about the security deposit.

Exhausted yet?

At any point during this process, you might also be dealing with irate tenants that you have to evict, renovations, and any of the myriad ways your perfectly formed plan can fall apart.

Contrast this with the ease of working with a qualified Central Florida property management company:

  • We list your property
  • We screen tenants (American Home Team Realty LLC performs a 4-point background check.)
    • Employment check
    • Background rental history
    • Check on character witnesses
    • Criminal & credit checks
  • We collect rent, process, and deposit all payments, then provide you with regular reports.
  • We inspect properties regularly and coordinate any maintenance and repairs with licensed/insured subcontractors.


With American Home Team Realty LLC, you can truly kick back and relax while we do the work…and still watch your income roll in. Our licensed property managers have the experience, training, and education to handle your home as if it were their own. Call 407-359-9500 today to take the first step toward stress-free property ownership.