Whether you own one property or hundreds, American Home Team Realty LLC is excited to be your Central Florida property management company! From locating tenants to supervising maintenance and repairs, our full-service property management process ensures that you can relax while still earning an income on your investment.

Maybe you work 9-5 and don’t have any extra time (or energy) left to worry about collecting rent or screening tenants. Maybe you’re newly retired and too excited to enjoy your newfound freedom to bother with posting ads or doing household maintenance. That’s where American Home Team Realty LLC can help.

Our property managers are licensed professionals who will treat your property as if it were their own. We pride ourselves on:

  • Locating the most qualified tenants,
  • Keeping management and maintenance costs low, and
  • Protecting your property from damage



A good tenant is what makes your Central Florida rental property worth owning. That’s why American Home Team Realty LLC focuses on finding great tenants and keeping those tenants happy.

We perform a thorough tenant screening process that looks at employment, criminal, rental, and credit history to find the best tenant for your Central Florida rental property. Our years of experience have taught us that waiting for the right tenant is better than filling your home quickly. Performing a background check on tenants ensures that your investment is protected and your rent is paid on time.

Once you find your “Dream Tenant,” most property owners want to keep those tenants for as long as possible. American Home Team Realty LLC pays attention to your tenants’ needs during their tenancy, which leads to more lease renewals.

If you’re ready for a stress-free property owner experience, or simply curious about how affordable an Central Florida property management service can be, call American Home Team Realty LLC at 407-359-9500 or fill in the form below. We look forward to working with you!

If the thought of renting your property stresses you out.... Contact us for the best property management results.