Property Management For Inventors

Most people dream of becoming a landlord because they think of it as a “passive” income: you sit at home and watch the income roll in. But managing even one property can be a full-time job: finding/screening tenants, collecting rent, home maintenance…and that’s assuming everything goes smoothly!

Issues can crop up at any point in the process, making residential property management more difficult that you initially thought. You may have a hard time finding a tenant (or finding a responsible tenant who pays on time and doesn’t damage the walls). You may have disputes over the security deposit, with a tenant maintaining that the ceiling was “like that” when they moved in. You might have to work your schedule around dozens of routine inspections to make sure all of your homes are being taken care of.

Plus, the more properties you own, the more difficult it is to manage all of them. You want to give each property the same quality attention in order to reach the full return on your investment. But most casual investors don’t have the experience or education necessary to make property management a success.

But there’s a solution: hiring an Central Florida property management company to handle your investments. For a minimal monthly fee, American Home Team Realty LLC can make your landlord dreams a reality. Getting us involved from the beginning means we can do the legwork for you, finding the best properties for your money. Return On Investment is our main focus when it comes to our investors. We will make sure to maximize the opportunity your properties present, including rent management. From researching properties that offer the best ROI to making sure you earn the most value for your investment, American Home Team Realty LLC is your Central Florida property management company.

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