HOA vs. Property Management

Management companies can take a huge burden off your shoulders. What’s the difference between HOA management and property management?   Whether it’s a household or a whole community, managing property requires a keen combination of responsibility, organization, and decision making. Hiring vendors, managing financial matters, coordinating routine and emergency maintenance, adhering to community rules…it all […] Read More

Preparing For The Worst: The Emergency Preparedness Checklist For Every HOA

Central Florida Home during a storm - Preparing for the worst - emergency checklist
Did you know 60% of Americans aren’t prepared for a disaster? And that’s even though 80% live in a county where a weather-related disaster has taken place. Emergency preparedness is not something to take lightly. But it’s not just the responsibility of individual homeowners. HOAs should have their own emergency preparedness checklist, too. So if you don’t have one, […] Read More

7 Tips For an Effective HOA Meeting

7 Tips For an Effective HOA Meeting
HOA meetings can be a nightmare. Conflicting opinions, disgruntled owners, and overall disorganization can threaten even the best-planned meetings. A homeowner’s association board is a group of elected individuals, chosen by the “members” (or homeowners) of a particular community to handle a multitude of tasks. Some of these tasks include finance management, vendor hiring and […] Read More