Top 5 HOA Benefits

Top 5 HOA Benefits

HOAs are more than a “necessary evil.”

Here are the ways that your HOA benefits you!


When your real estate agent was taking you on house tours, you probably asked one question at each property: “Is there an HOA?”

Most people think of HOAs as just another fee or (even worse) a collection of nitpicky busybodies that tells everyone what to do. But even though HOAs get a lot of hate, they actually do a lot of good!

In this article, we’ll clear the air on exactly what an HOA is and list the top five HOA benefits for homeowners.


What Is an HOA?

When you or your neighbor receive that letter in the mail saying your grass is too long, you may have said that you were in trouble with the HOA. In reality, you and your neighbors are all part of your homeowners association.

An HOA isn’t limited to just the Board of Directors; rather, it consists of every homeowner in the subdivision.

The Board of Directors might be responsible for running the HOA, but they are not themselves “the HOA” any more than the President “is” the United States of America. By voting for board members, every homeowner in the HOA has a say in the way the community operates.

Did you know...EVERY owner in the neighborhood is part of the HOA?

Top 5 HOA Benefits

When you remember that an HOA is more than just a Board of Directors, it’s easy to see the many HOA benefits that homeowners can take advantage of.

1. Well-Maintained Community

Having to follow a set of seemingly arbitrary rules may seem (at first) to be a major downside to HOAs. But think about it…do you really want your neighbors to do anything they want with their property?

Without an HOA, there would be nothing to stop Mr. Banks from leaving that old jalopy in his yard for the next several years. Mrs. Holmes could paint her house her favorite shade of Pepto Bismol pink. That new family next door could let the weeds run rampant, attracting all sorts of pests.

HOAs have a lot to offer, like amenities.

2. Access to Amenities

Buying a home with a fitness center, pool, hot tub, playground, and a basketball court would cost you a pretty penny. But with an HOA, they’re all available for a small annual fee.

Compared to an apartment complex, the cost of having all the bells and whistles is extremely affordable.

3. Property Values

While many people often complain about HOAs, they do a lot of good for the communities they run, including better property values.

When you have a well-maintained community with plenty of amenities, people are bound to take notice. In fact, homeowners are generally likely to pay more for a home that’s part of an HOA.

4. Rule Enforcement

Rules are one of the main reasons why many people dislike HOAs, but consistent, impartial rule enforcement is also a huge upside.

By notifying homeowners of rule violations, HOA boards ensure that the community is operated in harmony. And when disputes (inevitably) arise, they can help settle them.

One thing an HOA can give you is a sense of community.

5. Sense of Community

Finally, HOAs can give you and your neighbors a sense of community.

Neighbors can meet and mingle at mixers, bbqs, block parties, and more, creating a sense of shared identity.


Make Your HOA More Efficient

These are some of the ways your HOA benefits you. But did you know that there are ways to help your HOA?

One way to help your HOA run better is to join the Board of Directors. If you think your community is being run inefficiently, plugging in can be a great way to have some control over how things are done.

But at the end of the day, the board members are still residents with their own lives, jobs, and obligations. The single most efficient and effective way to improve your HOA is to hire an HOA management company.

From managing board meetings to collecting dues, HOA management companies are experts at how a neighborhood organization should be run. The community—led by the Board of Directors—is in control, but the management company does all the heavy lifting.

American Home Team Realty has been offering top-notch property management services for almost 20 years. Our customer service is unmatched and we specialize in smaller neighborhoods that the larger management companies overlook.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your HOA, give us a call to see how we can help!


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