How to Make Passive Income (Easily!) with Real Estate

How to Make Passive Income (Easily!) With Real Estate

How to Make Passive Income (Easily!) with Real Estate

Doesn’t everyone want to make money in their pj’s?

Learn how to make passive income with real estate (it’s not as hard as you think).


When people think about making money through real estate, two things typically come to mind: house flipping and becoming a landlord.

As anyone who has ever bought a fixer upper can tell you, house flipping is hard (and expensive!) work. And being a landlord—isn’t that even harder?

It doesn’t have to be!

At American Home Team Realty, we help hundreds of people learn how to make passive income—easily—with real estate. Excited to learn more?


What Is Passive Income?

Most Americans earn active income, trading our time and efforts in exchange for a paycheck.

But with passive income, you create a system that works for you with minimal effort on your part. It sounds like a fairy tale, but we can assure you that this is a viable income strategy for a growing number of people.

There are countless blogs, videos, and courses that teach how to make passive income through a plethora of methods, but in our opinion, there’s no better way than real estate.

Investing in real estate is a great way to earn passive income.

In Comes Passive Income with Real Estate

Unlike many other passive income strategies—such as the stock market or a YouTube channel—real estate is practically a guaranteed investment.

Remember the Beanie Baby hype back in the 1990s? People who “invested” thousands of dollars lost nearly everything once the world lost interest in toys filled with plastic beads.

Real estate, however, is different.

While there may be ups and downs in the housing market, real estate will always be a lucrative asset. Even if you change your mind and decide that owning a rental isn’t for you, you can always sell the house and recoup at least some of your initial investment (if not more).


Maximizing Your Investment

While real estate is one of the more expensive in terms of upfront investment (a house does cost more than a couple of Beanie Babies), it also pays for itself.

After the initial down payment, your monthly mortgage and utility bills are covered by the tenant’s rent. After a time, you’ll own the house free and clear and everything else is profit.

There’s no need to buy a fixer upper, either. In fact, that’s a good way to end up with a money pit on your hands. Before you buy any property (to rent out or otherwise), get an inspection to gain a better idea of the home’s condition and what it will cost to make it attractive to renters.

A thorough background check prevents many tenant issues later on.

Dealing With Tenants

We’ve all heard horror stories of nightmare tenants, but with enough foresight and planning, landlord/tenant conflict can be all but eliminated.

A thorough background check should be standard for any potential tenant. At American Home Team Realty, we run a 4-point check that covers their employment, rental history, credit history, and criminal history.

You can also prevent many tenant-related issues by including certain policies in the lease. Just like tenants, landlords have rights as well. Understanding your legal privileges can help balance the scales.


How To Make Passive Income Truly Passive

Taking the leap into the world of real estate investment is a huge first step. And without the right resources, connections, and experience, the process is more overwhelming than most people realize.

But there’s an easy way to turn your rental property into income that’s actually passive: a residential property management company.

A management company can take over any and all tasks involved in being a landlord:

  • Advertising the property
  • Screening tenants
  • Rent collection
  • Maintenance
  • Tenant communication
  • Bookkeeping
  • Property inspections

What were once occasional inconveniences are now off your to-do list and in the hands of a team of professionals with decades of experience.


Need Help?

It can take time to figure out how to make passive income work well for you. But with a solid real estate investment—and the assistance of a good property management company—you’ll be well-equipped for success.

The team at American Home Team Realty has made it our goal to make owning a rental property as stress-free as possible. Our full-service approach to property management gives you the time to focus on what you love while still keeping your side hustle going.

Ready to learn more? Give us a call today at (407) 359-9500 to see how we can help.


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