Professional Move-In / Move-Out Inspections [Interview with a Home Inspector]

Professional Move-in/Move Out inspections

Professional Move-In / Move-Out Inspections [Interview with a Home Inspector]

Darcie: Hello, my name is Darcie Englert. I’m the Broker/Owner of American Home Team Realty.

Today, I have with me a special guest: Erik Coplin with EDC Professional Home Inspections. Today, I just wanted to talk to Erik in regards to doing move-in/move-out home inspections and how he can help a property manager or homeowner/investor.


Erik: Thank you. It’s good to be here.

Darcie: What can you tell us about the home inspections when it comes to move-ins and move-outs?

Erik: Well, they’re different from a typical home inspection but first, let’s talk value. Let’s look at what’s valuable to the property manager and what’s valuable to the landlord. If you can match that value, then you have clients calling.

A lot of landlords that I talk to will tell me that they don’t like the property manager because of the move-in/move-out inspections. They send them pictures that have been broken up into two or three different emails because they’re too big to send in one. The report itself is just a handwritten checkbox; they may not be able to read it.

By having a home inspector who’s used to doing a professional, put-together report with embedded pictures and clear, concise, common layman terms, that adds value to both landlord and the property manager.

Darcie: Absolutely.

Erik: So if you have it in a pdf, it’s easy to put into a digital file. You can refer back to it or put it side-by-side so you can compare the condition on move-in and move-out.

Additionally, by having a home inspector do it, what they look for with a home structure is not just the cleanliness of items.

For a typical home inspection, cosmetic things are overlooked; for move-in/move-out, they’re important. But you can have both by having a home inspector do your move-in/move-out inspections. So you can find items that the landlord needs to address as well as things that are the tenant’s responsibility. Then the property manager can take the report and do the itemization needed to charge against the security deposit.

Darcie: Very good. Well said.

And where can they find you?

Erik: You can find us at, it’s an easy website to remember. Our phone number, 407-417-2999, or, so lots of ways to get a hold of us.

Darcie: You can also contact me at 407-359-9500.

Thank you so much for coming.

Erik: You’re welcome.


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