Rental Property Pest Control [Interview]

Rental property pest control

Rental Property Pest Control [Interview]

Darcie: Hello, my name is Darcie Englert; I am Broker/Owner of American Home Team Realty here in Oviedo, Florida.

Today, I have the privilege of having a guest: Brian Bedford of A1 Home Pest Control. I’ve asked Brian to come and talk to us a little bit about a pesky little problem we have in property management.

How are you?

Brian: I’m blessed, thank you.

Darcie: Very good.

Not that it’s a big problem all the time; however, it is a problem. We have tenants that will call us and say, “I just moved in and have roach problems or bed bugs.” Ugh.

Tell us about that.

Brian: Well, it’s very common. And often, with the roach problem, is that they come in the boxes when people move. With local moves, you generally use boxes that aren’t brand-new and you bring the roaches in the cardboard boxes that you use to move your stuff. The bugs quickly move to the water areas and then the tenants will call you, thinking that the roaches were there before they moved in.

Darcie: How about bed bugs? That’s a disgusting thing that they say was there when they moved in.

Brian: Bed bugs are a huge thorn in the side of every property management company because the cost of remediation is pretty significant. And unfortunately, it can be a hidden problem until your tenants have moved in. Sometimes they were there before, sometimes not.

We have advanced thermotechnology where our treatments can often identify the source of the bed bugs to determine if they were already in the structure or brought in with the belongings. That can definitely help the property manager when it comes to finances.

Darcie: Very much so.

So if anyone has any other questions…?

Brian: Give us a call or go to our Facebook page. We also offer some do-it-yourself advice to avoid unnecessary chemical exposure. We can be reached at A1 Home Pest Control on Facebook or you can give us a call at 407-376-7201.

Darcie: Great. Well, there you have it. Thanks for joining us.


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